Saturday, November 1, 2014

Headline Poem 11/1/14 -- November and Me

Today is the first day of November, 2014. It rained. I cleaned. Here is today's poem. 

November and Me 

I go through 
     the clothes I've worn, 
and remember all I've seen 
on vacations and trampolines 
     and picnics and movie scenes. 

I've been scared and acted tough and melted from my heart hurting so much. 
      All while 
wearing these things. 

I've been free and trapped and happy
wearing pieces of fabric, blue  and black and pink and white.   It's too much and yet not enough. 

Today, I cleaned 
out the drawers,
which in the past, never brought 
tears. But now. 
But now. I 
my clothes as little memories  
holidays and trips -- I 
wore them while he wore you. 

        And I 
realize   that   some   have 
belonged to me 
through the 
    whole thing, and
    they     must     go

because  the fibers of them against my skin can no longer be. 
are no longer meant  for November. They are   no    longer meant for   Me.