Friday, November 7, 2014

Headline Poem 11/7/14 -- The man who loved the Broncos

The man who loved the Broncos

On my way to work this morning, 
a man with a Denver Broncos 
license plate holder 
sped through streets you shouldn't speed through, 
cocky, and rushed, he blew cigarette rings out of his sun roof

Confused ringlets gathered in already perplexed air, grasping for a route to whiz past 
    And trace what he thought 
    would get him there
what, on time? Ahead of them? 
He bothered me for a full three minutes, 
and then I remembered I'd be spending the day 
with positive people, and having drinks with two women who've 
known me through all kinds of shit. 


I felt bad for the man who was probably rushing to a place 
he probably didn't even want 
to be
with his 
3 and his X and his C