Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Inspired by Julian of Norwhich

Art inspired by Julian of Norwhich, a christian mystic from the 1300's. She is actually the first published English writer. 

Words inspired by life. 

I sipped my coffee and awaited for something. She walked in and I knew
it was her. 
I smiled. 
She smiled back. 
She was a familiar stranger, 
an older version of myself. 
Was that her intention? 
Wise, not beyond her years, but because of them, she wore her stories proudly, deeply. 
We both knew she was there to deliver a message, so 
once she settled into her chair, 
I leaned toward her green eyes, smelling skin mixed with summer rain. 
"Go ahead," I said. "I'm ready."
 She took my right hand and in a voice as clear as Quartz said,
"Do not neglect the ones you love, for if you chase a busy life, you will end up alone." I sighed,
and though her words seemed so obvious, so simple, I stood up, whispered "thank you" and went directly home.